Apache Flume Cookbook

Work in Progress

This book is based on Flume version 1.4.0 and Flume trunk

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 What is Apache Flume
1.2 Installing Apache Flume
1.3 Common Terminology
1.4 Quick Start
1.5 Anatomy of Event

Chapter 2: Configuration

2.1 Configuration File format
2.2 File based Configuration
2.3 Zookeeper based configuration

Chapter 3: Sources

3.1 What is Flume Source
3.2 Available Sources
3.3 Implementing Custom Source

Chapter 4: Channels

4.1 What is a Channel
4.2 Available Channels
4.3 Implementing Custom Channel

Chapter 5: Sinks

5.1 What is a Sink
5.2 Available Sinks
5.3 Implementing Custom Sinks

Chapter 6: Interceptors

6.1 What are Interceptors
6.2 Available Interceptors
6.3 Implementing Custom Interceptors

Chapter 7: Troubleshooting and Operations

7.1 Extracting/Validating Data from File Channel

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