[Apache Oozie] Quick Setup

Apache Oozie is a workflow scheduling system used to manage Hadoop jobs. In this post we shall look at a quick setup.


JDK 1.7+

Building Oozie

Download Oozie source distribution.
Extract the distribution.

There are different options to customize based on Hadoop versions being used, but we would build a simple uber build

Execute the following command where the distribution was extracted

Once the build is done, the Oozie distribution can be found at /distro/tager folder, something like

Once done, copy the oozie-4.2.0-distro.tar.gz to a desired location and extract is. This becomes our Oozie installation home.

Setting up extjs

Download extjs2.2 to enable web console. You can find the same at following links


Create a directory libext in Oozie installation home and copy extjs2.2.zip in the folder

Starting Oozie

From the Oozie installation home, execute the following

This shall start the Oozie server in an embedded Tomcat. You can access Oozie console at


You should see the following screen.

Oozie Web Console

Oozie Web Console

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