[Java Tips] Printing java.util.Map contents

Printing java.util.Map contents is quite a common use case. Most of the time end implementing the same logic of using iterator and writing to Console. Let’s explore a simpler way and taste goodness of Google Guava.

Code can be found at MapPrinter.java

public static void printMapOnConcole(Map map) {
    Joiner.MapJoiner mapJoiner = Joiner.on("\n").withKeyValueSeparator("=");

Here we use the MapJoiner provided by to concatenate the contents of our java.util.Map instance.

Usage example

Map<String, String> maps = new HashMap<String, String>();
maps.put("key1", "value1");
maps.put("key2", "value2");
maps.put("key3", "value3");

Output is something like


An over-loaded utility method is present on github, which accepts record separator and key-value separator as well.

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