[Flume Cookbook] Available Sources

Flume Ships with a lot of Source implementations. Lets look at them briefly

  • Avro Source
  • Thrift Source
  • Exec Source
  • JMS Source
  • Spooling Directory Source
  • Netcat Source
  • Sequence Generating Source
  • Syslog Source
  • HTTP Source
  • Scribe Source

Lets briefly look at them

Avro Source

Avro Source receives Events from external Avro Clients

Thrift Source

Thrift Source receives Events from external Thrift Clients

Exec Source

Exec Source executes a Unix Command like tail, at startup and create Events from the output produced by the command

JMS Source

JMS Source consumes/reads messages from JMS Queue/Topic, creating Events from the messages

Spooling Directory Source

Source ingest data from files placed in a directory, creating Events from the data

Netcat Source

Netcat Source listens on a port and create Event from each line of data received

Sequence Generating Source

A Source that continuously generates stream of Events with a counter. A helpful Source for testing.

Syslog Source

Reads syslog data and generate Events from it.

HTTP Source

Source that received Events via HTTP GET/POST

Scribe Source

Used to ingest data from Scribe

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