[Flume Cookbook] Available Sinks

Flume ships with loads of Sink Implementations. Here is the list

  • HDFS Sink
  • Logger Sink
  • Avro Sink
  • Thrift Sink
  • IRC Sink
  • File Roll Sink
  • Null Sink
  • HBase Sink
  • Morphline Solr Sink

Let’s look at them briefly


Writes Events to HDFS

Logger Sink

Writes Events using Logger at INFO level

Avro Sink

Writes Events to Avro Source/Servers

Thrift Sink

Writes Flume Events as Thrift messages to a Thrift Source/Server

IRC Sink

Write Events to configured IRC destinations

File Roll Sink

Writes Events to local file system

Null Sink

Discards all Events received from Channel

HBase Sink

Writes Events to HBase

Morphline Solr Sink

Writes Events into Solr, after applying transformation using morphlines

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