[Flume Cookbook] Available Interceptors

Flume ships with a set of existing interceptors. Following are the interceptors that ship with Flume release

  • Timestamp Interceptor
  • Host Interceptor
  • Static Interceptor
  • UUID Interceptor
  • Morpline Interceptor
  • Regex Filtering Interceptor
  • Regex Extractor Interceptor

Let’s look at them briefly

Timestamp Interceptor

Inserts the timestamp header in the Event, representing the time at which Event was processed.

Host Interceptor

Inserts the hostname header in the Event, representing the host where the Agent, that processed the Event, was running

Static Interceptor

Inserts a Static header in the Event

UUID Interceptor

Inserts an id header to the Event, with value a UUID

Morpline Interceptor

This Interceptor, filters/transforms Events based on Cloudera Morphlines

Regex Filtering Interceptor

Filters Events based on the regular expression provided, by matching with Event body. Event body payload is treated as text.

Regex Extractor Interceptor

This Interceptor extracts the matched group, as specified by the regular expression and adds it to the header.

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