Introducing Apache Vysper

Apache Vysper aims to be a fully compliant XMPP Server. It’s a sub-project of Apache MINA. Currently its latest release is 0.5 and work is in progress for 0.6 release. It already has an implementation of XEP0045 (Multi User Chat) and XEP0060 (Publish-Subscribe) extensions. Lets see it in action.


Download Apache Vysper from

Vysper can be run in standalone mode as well as in an embedded mode.

Running as Standalone Server

Goto the bin directory and execute

The Server shall start 🙂

Running in an Embedded Mode

Embedding Vysper into your own App is easy. Here is a glimpse

XMPPServer server = new XMPPServer("");

There is still some glue code needed to get the Server function completely. Rather than me duplicating the stuff, please refer

Looks Interesting ! Give Vysper a try and let us know about your experience.

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