Joined Terracotta

Finally, after a sprint of 9+ years at Hughes family, I started a new career. Started my work life with Hughes Software Systems in 2000, then joined Hughes Systique in 2006.

Year 2009 was a year of happenings for me. As I got more involved with Open Source software, my thoughts towards Software Development changed drastically. While involved in Apache MINA mailing list, was introduced to Terracotta. Well this was the beginning and later on I got hired:-) (off-course I applied for it).

Well now the easy life is gone, have much more challenging tasks ahead and at Terracotta, I will be working with some of the finest talent in the industry. A long road ahead for me. The biggest reason for joining Terracotta, Passion. This little word was common between me and most of the folks I interacted at Terracotta. Its very close to my punch line “Great passions can defy Destiny”.

With my joining Terracotta as Solution Architect, I am very hopeful that my contribution towards Open Source community will increase significantly.

Before I close this post, a lot of credit to this success goes to Emmanuel Lecharny. He initiated me into Open Source and has been mentoring me all the way.

Wish you a very Happy New Year !

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