Apache MINA based Server Application Architecture

Apache MINA is one of the best available NIO Frameworks for creating scalable Server applications in Java. Its fun to create applications using MINA. 

Lets have a look how the application architecture looks like

Lets briefly see what the Major components are

IO service – The API’s at this level are responsible for performing actual IO operation over the network

IO Filters – Filters are the mechanism by which MINA lets a User plugin its code to manipulate the byte stream from the network. Filters are arranged in Filter chain and are called by MINA in the order in which they are present. Filters are mainly used for transforming byte stream into high level objects.

IO Handler – IO Handler is the heart of application logic. Here is where the whole application logic is concentrated.

MINA is JMX enabled, hence Filters can be dynamically added/removed from the Filter chain.

The framework comes with samples. Please feel free to try them out.

7 thoughts on “Apache MINA based Server Application Architecture

  1. Hello Ashish,

    I am making a backup software, in which all the files to backed up are stored on a file server on the internet. I thinking of using apache mina to create a small server which will accept files to backup from the client software. Please give you advice on weather to using apache mina or something other solution for uploading files.

  2. Hi
    I am trying to learn how I can import Apache Mina into Eclipse? I am having trouble in importing the source file.
    Everyone help is much appreciated !

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