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21 November 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Apache MINA – Blacklist Filter Explained

Blacklist filter blocks connections from the blacklisted remote Addresses. The filter is very useful, for dropping the connection originating from addresses, not of interest. Useful API’s setBlacklist(InetAddress[] addresses) – Sets a list of IP Addresses that needs to be blocked. This API call clears all the previously added Addresses setSubnetBlacklist(Subnet[] subnets) – Sets a List […]

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08 November 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Apache MINA – CumulativeProtocolDecoder Explained

Apache MINA uses the concept of Protocol Decoder to decoder read bytes into High Level Message objects. There are conditions in which a single packet may not contain the complete bytes to convert raw message into High Level Objects. For such situations, CumulativeProtocolDecoder can be used. Basically, encoder makes the framework buffer the data, till […]

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01 November 2008 ~ 16 Comments

Integrating Apache MINA with Spring

So far we have seen Apache MINA code samples in standalone form. Apache MINA can be nicely integrated into DI frameworks like Spring. Lets see how to integrate a simple MINA application with Spring This is how our application is structure. To see details of this application, please refer to the post Implementing Trap Receiver […]

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31 October 2008 ~ 19 Comments

Implementing XML Decoder for Apache MINA

Will continues to post articles about MINA, to be updated, Subscribe in a reader Apache MINA has wonderful concept of ProtocolDecoder to process Decoding protocol specific messages. XML is one of the most widely used format for EDA. Lets see how can we implement a Protocol Decoder for Apache MINA. Algorithm The picture below describes […]

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22 October 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Implementing Trap Receiver in 30 minutes using Apache MINA

Will continues to post articles about MINA, to be updated,  Subscribe in a reader Yes, we are going to implement a SNMP trap receiver in less than 30 minutes. If you have been following my post on Apache MINA, this would be a natural extension to it. In this article, we shall bring together all […]

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